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Cute Cat Monster Plushie

Updated: Apr 15

Another one of Monstorium's creepy cute critters is ready for adventure and a new home! Like all of our other stuffed animals and monsters, the Deep Sea Octo Felinoid is designed, printed, sewn, and stuffed by the two Human Helpers!

Cat Octopus Monster Plush by Monstorium | Deep Sea Octo Felinoid Creature

Part octopus, part cat, and ready for a deep sea expedition!

The octo-felinoid is a rare species of creature that is believed to be the favored pet of the royal family of the lost city of Atlantis! Measuring the height of an average human, these creatures are rumored to be searching the ocean floor for their masters and the lost city. It is rumored that one of these creatures assisted in locating the Titanic, retrieved countless treasures hidden in the Atlantic, and helped discover a school of ancient coelacanth in the Indian Ocean!

Where Can You Buy One of Our Cute Cat Monsters?

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