Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022 - New Products, New Home, New Ideas!

It has been a busy year for the Monstorium team. A series of new monster products were designed for 2021 before the monster lair and all of its denizens were crated up and moved across country to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Other than the move itself, plenty of time has been absorbed seeking local retail opportunities and markets for the monsters.

This fall our handmade felt monsters have garnered a lot of attention alongside some new Michigan themed plushies and wood monsters. These new items have pushed us to keep making new products as we prepared for weekly and seasonal markets.

With the additional boost in interest, and sales, our enthusiasm for our creepy cute monster offerings has grown. Mostorium has had a very good reception during Michigan's fall markets and at the Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids. In fact, business has never been better! In late October, within the walls of our not-so-secret lair, we decided to make Monstorium our full time endeavor. It is a little scary to not have a typical day job with benefits and consistent income, but we now have 110% of our day to invest in our own business and we believe it is worth the effort!

There are a lot of fun and exciting ideas in the pipeline for Monstorium this year so stay tuned to our site, Etsy shop, and social feeds to learn about our next phase of business (and life)!

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