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Halloween Gift Ideas for 2020

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Not sure what to do about Halloween gifts this year?

The Human Helpers at Monstorium know all too much that buying gifts for the ones you love can be a challenge! Typically we opt for making gifts, but at times there is no time, especially when there is a pandemic going on! Our monster products are designed with this type of buyer in mind—thoughtful, fun, and the young at heart with not a lot of time to muster! Indeed our creepy cute monster collectibles make great purchases and gift ideas for Halloween 2020!

Let’s start with our Quarantine 2020 Halloween Mystery Monster Crate. This monster filled mystery box is a great gift idea for this year’s unprecedented Halloween where costumes, candy, and the phrase "trick-or-treat" just won’t be the same! During a time where traditional celebrations are cancelled and trick or treating is being banned, our boxes deliver Halloween straight to your favorite young or old ghoul’s door! These creative and well planned creature crates come complete with an array of  monsters and candy—including our popular and never featured before creations!

Another great gift idea for this year’s Quarantine Halloween is one of our scary but sweet fabric friends— the monsters we affectionately call Stuffies! These little monster plushies are colorful, cute, and creepy but they make great toys for monster-loving kids, companions for fun loving adults and decor that is a great conversation piece! Something for everyone ages 5-500!

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Last, but not least, we have a variety of buttons, stickers and one special collectible pin of everyone’s favorite Monstorium character Nosferatu! The buttons and stickers feature a variety of characters from the Monstorium collections-with friendly reminders and punny sayings. Not only will these great gift ideas be special for Halloween eve, they will serve as mementos of Halloween 2020, the year we all had to stay home!

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That wraps up our suggestions to make this year's Halloween a memorable one. Don't forget to follow us on social media to see what else is brewing!

--- The Human Helpers @ Monstorium

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