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Incoming! Creepy Cute Plush Winged Monsters!

Updated: Apr 15

Steampunk Wing Tinkerer and Fallen Plushies by Monstorium

New for 2020, we introduce two winged monsters ready to steal your heart! Creepy and cute as usual, these two are made with super soft minky like our other handcrafted monster plush monsters.

Our monsters are designed and made by the two Human Helpers at Monstorium. We keep this little monster business running, update the store, do the marketing, design new products, make said products, and ship our monsters out when customers order online.

Steampunk Tinkerer

When this creature lost her wings, she relied on ingenuity to create new ones!

The character that inspired the now-famous saying, "when a giant snarglewraithe pulls off your wings for sport, use your ingenuity to make new ones and show 'em who is boss," the Fallen Tinkerer not only used intellect and relied on perseverance to further her situation in life, she has become a force to be reckoned with. Using her gadgets and smarts to best many a malevolent creature, she excels in playing the role of superhero and vigilante for the thrills. Saving other innocent monsters, cryptids, and magical creatures from bullies and evil gives her a sense of purpose.


Don't let the bat-like wings and small horns on her head lead you to believe that she is anything other than MissUnderstood. While admitting to having issues with self-appointed authority figures, the Fallen chooses a path of her own making. Destined since birth to serve in an army that sees issues in black and white, she has opted for the grey between the finely cut lines of good and evil. This girl has no dreams of being a silly fairytale princess in a silly fairytale world–headstrong and capable with rebellion hardwired in her nature, she's discovered that not fitting in suits her just fine!


Children and adults find Monstorium's stuffies a joy to touch and snuggle with. These plush monsters are definitely made for all ages, or as we like to say, for ages five to 500!

• Eco-friendly materials

• Printed using ecologically-safe transfer sublimation inks

• Ages 5-500



• Height: 7-10 inches

• Width: 5-8 inches

• Depth: 3 inches

• Weight: 3-9 ounces



Minky: an incredibly plush 100% polyester fabric. Wash separately in cool or warm water using a gentle machine cycle. Machine dry using a low temperature or permanent press setting.



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