Morty at the Monstorium

Morty, a handmade original plush by Monstorium. He is definitely part dog and might have a little bit of goat DNA where his horns have sprouted. His big ears hear everything so don't plan on keeping any secrets from Morty!

Felt Plush Monster designed by us for your favorite collector or little monster!

This listing is for one handmade felt plush. The size is approximately 5 x 9 inches and is sewn together with embroidery floss and love! ❤️

Find it, if you dare, in our shop!


Children and adults find Monstorium's stuffies a joy to touch and snuggle with. These plush monsters are definitely made for all ages, or as we like to say, for ages five to 500!



• Felt

• Variations in design and colors may occur

• Embroidery floss


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• Designed and made in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Small batch monster goods and collectibles made by us!

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