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Summer, vacations, and monsters

Updated: Apr 15

Summer is the time to take a break. Recharge. Get outside. Enjoy. Humans around the world take advantage of the nice weather, the seasonal eats, and the opportunity to travel.

Monsters like to go on vacation too!

The denizens of Monstorium have been known to get out and enjoy summer and all that it offers. To our delight, they make appearances in the vacation photos of their adoptive humans as they enjoy the rides at amusement parks, listen to music at outdoor concerts, dine in restaurants, and sunbathe on the beach!

This photo finds Nosferatu enjoying lunch at Chico's Tacos in El Paso, Texas. Getting fun food is part of every road trip, right? Soupy rolled tacos covered in cheese? Yes, please!

If you take your favorite monster along for the ride this summer, be sure to snap some photos and share them with us!

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