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The impact of CoronaVirus & Revisiting our Interview with VoyagePhoenix

Updated: Apr 15

Last year the Human Helpers had the privilege of being interviewed by VoyagePhoenix magazine. It is hard to believe it has already been a year!

Operating a small monster business has been a lot of fun, and like all other businesses, it has had its ups and downs. The global pandemic has definitely impacted artists and creatives, and just about everyone else, on a massive scale. It has been a challenging year without access to new customers that typically find us at monthly art walks, local markets, and art & craft shows. With new guidelines in place and a better understanding of what COVID-19 is and how it has changed everyone's lives and routines, we hope to see the fall events happen with plans to embrace the new reality while giving artists and creatives the opportunity to sell their goods in a format that is welcoming and safe for the public.

With Monster Season upon us, it feels like there is never enough time to complete the new product wish list for the Monstorium. The good news is that we did accomplish a lot this year and have continued to grow our base and product catalog. With the support of our families and fans, we aim to make this year's holiday season our best yet!

If you are an artist, crafter, or small business human, let us know what you have done to prepare yourself for the coming holiday busy season in regards to the landscape the pandemic has wrought.

If you just like our stuff, please share our little monster business with others on social media and via word of mouth. Every little bit helps!




Back to last year's interview...

A lot has changed, and a lot is the same. We would not change it for the world!

Read the full VoyagePhoenix article here:


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